Dr. L Carol Scott

April 11, 2021

Welcome back to Mich Mash. Today our guest is Dr. L Carol Scott, she created the Seven Childhood Treasures Model which is beneficial to anyone no matter what kind of childhood experience. Be it functional and traumatic, or sane and nurturing.

[00:01 – 12:09] What happens in our Childhood

  • I introduce and give a brief background about our guest
  • Dr. L Carol talks about her career and her experiences 
  • She also talks about the developments of children from birth to age 7
  • Importance of first-years in child’s development
  • Traumatic childhood experiences
  • Importance of understanding and respecting the child’s feeling 
  • The Early Childhood Education

[12:10 – 22:02] Children need both Structure and Freedom

  • What kids are experiencing at this time of the pandemic
  • Advice to parents dealing with kids at this time of the pandemic
  • Mutual respect between Adults and Children
  • Parenting ways and strategy 

[22:03– 28:49] Fun Questions with Dr. L Carol Scott

  • Do you have article clothing you simply can not part with?
  • What is the tallest building you have ever been in? 
  • Recent act of kindness Dr. L Carol has received/given/witnessed
  • Connect and Learn more about Brandon
    • See Links Below
  • Final Words


Tweetable Quotes:

“That’s when the part of your brain related to relationships getting along with other people, trusting other people, being able to have mutual respect for - and hold respect for.” - Dr. L Carol Scott

“Whatever you are remembering that is hard to remember, a little child already went through it in real life.” - Dr. L Carol Scott

“Children need both structure and freedom.” - Dr. L Carol Scott


Resources Mentioned:


To learn more about Dr. L Carol Scott, visit her website at https://lcarolscott.com/. Also, check her Instagram and Facebook.  


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